May 9

Felice Arena excursion

Felice Arena excursion

On the 4/30/2014 we had an excursion to the Clock Toawer centre to see Felice Arena and he talked about all the books that he had written such as Andy Roid and the series of Specky Magee. We did a performance of some lines of Specky Mageee. Specky Magee was also one of Felice Arenas first book. He also showed us more books like Farticus Maximus so he got to as teachers which are Antony and this other teacher from the other school. He made them sit on a whoopee cushion but Antony had to do a triple whoopee cushion and broke one of the whoopee cushions and then we left!:)

March 22



I felt like I was hovering in the air as the plane was landing. Germany at last I said as we walked to rent a car for the long trip. We have been in Germany for a few days now and it started to snow. We quickly went to visit my Oma and Opa for a chat. We went to my tanses house afterwards. Our tanses husband drove us to his forest. I and my brother had a snowball fight and my sister took pictures. There was more in my holiday but I have no more time to tell you.


March 22

moonface tofees






1. Heat up the stove

2. Pour 2/3 cups sugar into the saucepan then add 2/3 cups water you do not need you leave it on the saucepan until it goes brown

3. After it goes brown pour it into paddy pans and wait until they harden.

March 22

swimming carnival

Swimming carnival

We finally arrived with tents yellow, green, blue and red right before us. We scurried to the red tent because it was our house colour of course. After we got to the red tent we unpacked and watched the first event go by. After a few more events on freestyle came another freestyle event but on this event one of our finest competitors where racing. THEY BARRAGED ACROSS THE WATER TO FIRST PLACE. The backstroke events where on now events flew by until it was my first event a year 5 event even though I was a year 4! It was a backstroke event vsing an impressive swimmer best swimmer in Lawson! Cian. The starting sound happened and we swam I looked to my side and I saw cian next to me I suddenly bumped against the wall! I still saw him next to me but at the end won by 5 centimetres. The backstroke events ended and I heard ferris singing. It sounded good I went over and this is what I heard. We jump in the pool we beat the teams yellow green and blue we don’t need a parachute macarthur

(Beat box) macarthur (beat box) macarther. The house captains where there too after a while the house captains persuaded ferris to sing the song to the house and make it the house song. The team gathered and ferris sang the song to the and we practised it. Tait came up with an idea that after we sing the song he shouts out let me see your hips swing. AN THEN WE ALL POSE IT WAS A GREAT SONG BUT THE JUDGES PUT US IN THIRD PLACE.

September 18

The worlds end

I opened the door air rushed out then there was a squecky nouse from inside and a smashing sound. I switched the lights on and looked through the scanner from deartment 6 our secret agency and there was no trace of anything.No fingerprints  not a single thing exept for dropped pieces of gold trailing to broken glass and up above the broken glass was a smashed window i looked through the smashed window ther was a shodow passing a picture of leonardo de vinci when he was 42 with trails of gold still  leading to where he was going. I turned the corner and right infront of me there it was the grand diamond. I exited the  mansion and i got in the jetcar and put a helmet on. Boom the mansion blew up i quickly activated the force field. Fire  was all over my jetcar and still no damage. I flew of and headed for department 6. My partner john  greeted me back  saying “did you do it sam”i said”yes” and put the grand diamond in a display cabnet and it  elevated down into an obsidian box. My boss sai to me “mi5 is in danger” “how” i said my boss siad “a missile! Is heading our way”. Our department elevated and then everything went pitch black. The top of our department exploded as well as the walls. The obsidian container flew up in the air and split in half and down went the grand diamond. The diamond smashed into 1 billion pieces then the world departed by a huge explosion. Like 1000 atomic bombs all over earth all ignited at once. The grand diamond was the earths vaulible its job was to keep the earth on surviving. That diamond made the big bang. By anton ohrt department 6 is the mi5. Hope you enjoyed.

September 17

Upside down story.

All the stars exploded then the sun. The moon. Jupiter and Mars exploded and they came down like 20 gigantic meteors falling onto earth. Then a brown wave on the surface of pluto went to me. It was chocolate and a water pond appeared to. Where safe i said. My parents wished me good luck. 3 2 1 BLAST OF we floated in space. We saw monsters on mars saying hi then they got a ray gun and shot the engine. Theres a malfunction  the rocket beeped we crashed landed on pluto and got knocked out. I opened my letter box it ant it had a space suit 500 oxygen tanks with food and water. I got the letter out and it said from  nasa. It said your invited to fly in space and see if theres life on mars at nasa. On the 1/1/3000 11.00 am sharp. That was in five minutes. I got in the car and drove at 999999999999999km/h to nasa.

September 17

Science questions

The uranium atom.

The uranium atom is made of 92 protons 92 electrons and 143 to 146  nuetrons.

Radioactive elements.

The radioactive elements on the earths crust are promethium,polonium,astatine,radon,francium,radium,actinum,proactinumand and uranium.

The nobel prize.

The nobel prize is made of 18 carat green gold plated with 24 carat gold. You can win a nobel prize by making or coming up with an idea that is really usefull. Or papers of work. And this can be won in alot of topics like physics,literature,peace,medicine and economics.

September 10

free royals!

                                                     Free royals

Equipment: 9 sided dice, playing cards, tally 2-4 players

Rules: No cheating, no stealing cards, no walking on equipment

How to play:

  1. Take all the kings, queens, jacks, jokers and tens out of the deck.
  2. This game has to be played by subtraction.
  3. Put all of the other shuffled cards face down.
  4. Each player picks up one dice and rolls to get the highest number and whoever rolls the highest number gets to   have their turn first.
  5. The player with the highest number gets to roll first.
  6.  When they roll to get the highest number they have to pick up a card from the top of the deck and subtract the biggest to the smallest.
  7. You have the card down as quick as you can and the first person to say the right answer gets to subtract the number from 50.
  8. If it’s a draw you have to redo the turn.
  9. The first person to get to zero or past from 50 wins!

made by:anton and ferris

September 9

save polar bears

 We Are doing an activity on endangered animals so what we are doing is we pick an endangered animal for example the Blue whale and we and we think we are the animal and why we are endangered and it was because of humans and think of reasons how we are effected by humans so we write down a persuasive text to stop hunters killing the animal and to make people stop making them           

                        Save polar bears!




By: Anton Ohrt


Our homes are melting because of global warming.



Please stop letting gasses in the air so that global warming does not defrost our homes. By breaking the ozone layer in the atmosphere. We will die eventually die and become extinct.




Stop throwing oil into the ocean because if we drink it we will die. We will dehydrate and die if there is no clean water to survive.




You should not hunt us we are getting hunted for no reason. We did nothing wrong and we should not be hunted. You don’t need our flesh! You don’t need our fur or any of that stuff from us! We need to be saved so please q help. Don’t  let us get driven to extinction. We won’t walk the land or see light ever again. We might look dangerous but we have to kill to survive I know there are rumours that we are dangerous . If you are scared  we think something’s wrong and we get scared  and we try to protect our self  so please help us.