April 22

100 Word Challenge Week #14


I was at school with my friends at lunch time and one of them had a box. I supposed it was from the homework on a diorama that we were given to complete this week, the homework that I had not completed yet. He had put it on top of his locker and I saw that it was completely enclosed apart from a little hole at the top. He started showing it to my classmates and they put their hand in it, they had a confused face, he asked me to put my hand in it to guess what it was, I put my hand in the box and felt…

April 13

100 Word Challenge Week #13


One day in the yard where I was playing with my friends, I was playing soccer and being the player that I am, I was sliding and skidding everywhere. When I got up there was a sharp pain on my forearm. There was an insect digging into my skin, I quickly picked it off and flicked it away. All it did was it left a little black spot on my arm but it was nothing much. Later in class I was writing away, but I looked at my arm, the spot was bigger I tried to stop it somehow but the spot just grew and grew.

March 25

100 Word Challenge Week #12


On a Friday night I was coming home from school and me and my friends wanted to go get some burgers and chips when we arrived at our favourite burger shop. There was a long row of people and I wished I could just fly over the queue. While my friends waited in line I went and took a lie down on a park bench, when the food finally arrived I devoured my food as the sweet taste of chips touched my lips. My hunger was replenished and I could finally go home and lie down in my soft bed.

March 16

100 Word Challenge Week #10

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One day it was like every day I come home from school and I go talk to my friends for the rest of the day… on social media. I had been talking for hours and hours it was only at the moment that my friends asked if I did my homework I went and checked my computer and there, right upon me was my appending doom. I had to do all my homework it was 12:00Pm and tomorrow I’m going to Sunday school where I have too many tests too count I had just started but when the connection broke I had no hope…

March 9

100 Word Challenge Week #10


London 1820,

I had just got out of the factory where I have been working for the last 8 hours, exhausted I looked at the little amount of coins in my hand sighing “All that work for a few penny’s that wouldn’t last me a day”. With my mind fogged and cloudy I saw a man sitting on the park bench in a posh outfit, me and my friend walked up to him suddenly began begging for money… it had to be done… Suddenly we came demanding money, he quickly gave up and handed over a fortune to us, but around the corner were carriages rushing in and policemen rushing out.

March 2

100 Word Challenge Week #9


Once there was a great superhero that cured the land of evil from the sort of criminals to supervillains and he never gave up a challenge his name was unknown, wearing a mask and a cape he struck fear into those with wicked hearts. Although there was one that was a match worthy of him, it was a mad scientist that looks like an ordinary person on the streets that was planning to destroy the earth with a powerful toxin that destroys every cell on earth until there’s nothing left. This destroys plants and animals; it even wipes out the cells of a human…

November 16

100 Word Challenge Week #48

My life at school’s a hard one I’m treated like trash and everyone laughs at me.  One bully targets me all of the time and I am his main priority. He takes everything from me and bully’s me the most. He demands me to fight other kids just so I get hurt, one day he wanted to fight me and said to his friends that he got this and said “how could something so tiny defeat me”. The bully tried so much and kept on missing and falling to the ground and lost to me. His friends walk past saying “how could something so tiny defeat me”.

November 10

100 Word Challenge Week #47

Every year a palace would do something called the festival of lights and that is where a bunch of lanterns with red tissue paper would be let up into the sky when this happens the colour red is illuminated everywhere as a festival for the new year. The lanterns go up into the sky until finally the light gets blown out and it falls to the floor it. Occasionally the will be found and at rare occasions the lanterns may end up in another town or city. Thousands of these lanterns are let loose for the public eye to see every year.

October 21

100 Word Challenge Week #45

Today was a special day, because I was going to a theme park for the first time ever. I was looking around and going to the arcade and playing the carnival games but then a real challenge came, the roller coaster. When I was coming here I said to myself you don’t have to go on it but I had a sudden urge to do it. So I got on and as soon as we started I regretted it. It felt like I was going to vomit over everyone below or mess up the electrical work or something.

October 13

100 Word Challenge Week #44

After I finally got home from my long day at school I flopped down onto my bed for a rest then I noticed a peculiar thing my FAVOURITE teddy bear was gone, and there is a reason it’s my favourite. I quickly rushed downstairs to look for him. I looked everywhere and then I heard a car in the driveway. My parents car was getting rode around like someone that was drunk was in there, but no, it was my teddy bear I quickly tried to leap after it but it had already crashed into multiple cars, bikes, and fire hydrants.