July 21

BTN Seed Bank-Persuasive


I believe this is a very good use of money because it will prepare us for what happens next because we NEVER know what’s going to happen, NEVER. So I think it is always a great idea to have those extra backups and it’s not doing us any harm is it? And as it said we may use this in the case of natural disasters, global warming, war, pollution, etc. and this happens very often. So think about it for a minute, a worldwide nuclear outbreak happens, every country is getting bombed, Suddenly there Is no plant life remaining and your just left with dead radiated animals, but have no fear because the seed bank is here and you can start making crops and rebuilding a society, of course this is unlikely to happen, but ANYTHING can happen! And it can’t cost that much of the world wides approximately 80 Trillion dollars, can it?

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