July 18

Natural Disaster Summary

A Natural Disaster is an unexpected case of extreme devastation affecting our environment and lives negatively or another definition is that Natural Disasters is any catastrophic event cause by nature or the natural processes of earth. This can have a massive toll on how we live,  this can be life-threatening and can destroy communities and cities. Natural disasters can come from land, water & the sky, this makes natural disasters different from what weather is since that natural disasters can come from the land & water. Natural disasters can be so devastating that no one is safe from one and can ruin lives. ALTHOUGH these catastrophic events are not classified as a Natural Disaster if these occur in unpopulated areas of the world because it won’t be classified as a disaster due to it not really affecting anything valuable.

Some examples of a natural disaster is a Tsunami, a tsunami is a gigantic wave created by earthquakes, landslides, meteorites, etc. the highest one that WAS a natural disaster was 100ft high. This is natural disaster because not only does it kill many people and the most lethal killing 230,000 people but they tear down buildings drift cars away ruining basically everything and causing a flood afterwards, sounds like a natural disaster to me!

Another example is Earthquakes, Earthquakes are measured in magnitudes the highest being 9.5 in Chile. Earthquakes occur by the plates of earth in the ground cracking causing the ground to shake this can tear down building and rip giant tears in the ground, definitely a natural disaster.

There are also hurricanes, hurricanes is a spinning storm that occur in places that are near water that are made up of clouds with high speed winds and rain. The fastest a hurricane has ever travelled was 300kmh. These can pull don’t building make trees fall loss of cars and property and tearing of part of buildings, this is a natural disaster.

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