June 7

Prepared Speech-If Ice Was Heavier Than Water

Hello, 5/6C, hello Antony, Today I’m going to tell you about `if water got heavier when it froze`, first of all my topic is about what would happen if ice was heavier than water which it is not, ice will expand by the molecule links breaking and spreading, so that it is lighter in the end.

Last year we did an experiment and we froze some water the container ended up shattering because the water expanded when it turned to ice.

I will address one of the main points of this argument that I have seen on the web, would human life be possible, I believe that it wouldn’t although there’s other theories but from what I’ve seen the most people think human life wouldn’t be possible.

One of the basic things that will happen is that in cold climates the water will freeze and the ice would sink to the bottom of the ocean, lake or other water pools. Slowly this will build up until there’s only a thin layer of water or none at all.

One of the biggest issues that could happen is one of the biggest right now, Global Warming. They say that since the ice is white and can reflect sunlight this will bounce back up and therefore will create the earth to warm up by trapping the heat inside.

Another reason was that other life forms would die because there is no water in the ocean that means that not much water could be evaporated resolving in little rain which would give a huge drought and destroy nearly all plant life and not enough for us to live.

If ice was heavier than water then this can boost natural disasters and most commonly tsunamis and volcanic eruptions from the ice disturbing the volcanos (including underwater ones).

This could even affect the smaller things like if you were making and ice cold drink and it sinks to the bottom, suddenly your drink is now all warm on the top and cold on the bottom.

Now I hopefully have given you some ideas of what could happen if ice was heavier than water. Some of these could be incorrect or countered by other things, but there is one thing that could save us if this happens, we could be able to adapt and evolve to these climates and disadvantages.

If ice was heavier than water it could lead to many problems like; accelerating global warming, making nearly every life-form to die, increasing the likelihood of natural disasters, long term damage and finally your ice cold drink ruined.

So certainly no, humans will not be able to live on this planet even though we could adapt, this would take a very long time. And finally, I hope you know a few things that could happen `if water got heavier when it froze`.

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