May 4

100 Word Challenge Week #16

I had been at school; I was looking at the clock waiting for the time to pass by and for me to be able to have a lunch break. My face was blank, my life is terrible without my friend Lucy, and I love her. And she has gone to England for a year; I had to wait another month for her return. All the other periods passed by; Math, Humanities, woodwork and science went for the slowest time ever. I slowly hunched my back and walked home kicking the rocks on my way. But suddenly I saw Lucy at my doorstep

May 2

100 Word Challenge Week #15

There were 6 bins all lined up in a row at the pier, they were all new serving different purposes. Then there was one last bin to the left of all the other bins, and this one practically served all purposes. No body used that bin; everybody used the other bins because of their different unique functionalities. The bin to the left had literally no value to anyone. At midnight, some teenage vandals came and sprayed graffiti on nearly all the bins. In the morning the local council fixed up all bins except for the 7th which was exported and dumped in the landfill.