May 25

My Semester Goals and Future Goals

My Goals for This Semester:

I wanted to learn about how to determine ratios and scales and also how to find out the area of a curved shape. I also wanted to learn anything to do with science. To achieve these goals I could always ask anyone for help, I could put down every single note precisely so I remember them better and can always come back to them. I will not give up on anything that I do and I will always try hard on the subject. And I could think things through so I understand it more (like Thinking about thinking).

Here’s my reflection on my semester 1 goals:

I have not achieved trying to neither determine ratios and scales nor have achieved how to find out the area of a curved shape although I have an idea of it, but I am sure that later in the year we will learn about these. I have learnt a lot about science since our topic in term 2 was about the 3 states of matter which is under chemistry which is under science. And I have used all the strategies I set for myself like detailed note-taking, trying hard, asking for help and thinking about thinking.

And here’s My Future Goals for Semester 2:

I would like to learn about ratios and scales, how to find out the area of a curved shape and also how to convert between percentage, decimals and fractions. I also want to learn about how sound decibels work and also in the area of science a basics of how the human body works and especially how the brain works, stuff like what triggers emotions. I may like to work on a certain bit of key history in one term but not necessarily Australian history and lastly strategies used in narrative writing.

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