March 25

BTN Voting Age

This article was about how people want to change the age that you are able to vote in Australia.

Right now in Australia We are allowed to vote when we reach the age of 18 although Bill Shorten wants that to change because he wants 16 and 17 year olds to vote as well. When you turn 16 you gain the right to; Drive, get a full time job, a debit card, join the army, get married and even donating blood, and people want to add having the right to vote at 16 onto that list. Right now not enough people at the age of 18 is voting because they aren’t motivated to but Bill Shorten thinks that lowering that age would motivate them to vote even more, because of this the AEC says that 400,000 18-24 year olds and voting even though it’s illegal. Some countries have also lowered the voting age to 16 such as; Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Scotland and Argentina. Despite all of this a lot of 16 year olds have different opinions on the idea at hand because of various reasons. If the age of voting gets changed, will anything else get changed along with it? And if the voting does get changed so you think that this will demotivate the 16 year olds even more stopping them from voting as well?

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