March 20

BTN Australia Day

This article was about how people are thinking of moving Australia day to another date.

Australia day is on the 26th of January each year because it’s the day that the first fleet arrived in In Australia and the British came. Although many people think it’s a day that should not be celebrated and many people think it should be moved to a different date. Many Aboriginals even call it invasion day. So suggestions have been going around for dates that it could be moved to such as; January the 1st when Australia became a federation, January the 25th the day before the British came, infusing it with Anzac day and when the Referendum happened. I understand that people (including me) think that the date should be moved but I don’t understand why people would keep it at that date because `it’s a good time of year` maybe because it’s been tradition but just because `It’s a good time of year` is not a good argument. When Australia day does move what date will be the date that it’s most likely moved to? And how will they choose a date to move it to?

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