March 14

BTN Voting Changes

Michael Turnbull is trying to change how the senate is elected because not everyone gets their say because of a voting system.

The government is trying to change how the senate is elected because many people don’t get their say, for example, because of something called a group voting system smaller parties get elected even though not many people are voting for them. How you vote is you fill out your preferences for all the parties that could possibly go to 100 or you could do a group voting system, where you fill out your main preference and the candidate decides the rest. This can lead to small parties making preference deals where 1 party agrees to preference another small party, these are the few reasons the government wants to change and get rid of the group voting systems. I believe that this is a good idea and that people will like the group voting system gone because everyone gets their say and not 1000 people compared to 1000000 and I do think that this plan will happen in the end, even though small parties can’t speak themselves the people still want the other ones to, like if you have a good idea people will vote for you and you’ll be a bigger party. If the group voting system is terminated what will the new voting system be? Will the new voting system be the same as the old one where you vote your preference out of all the parties one by one?