February 24

First Term IS Goals

Unit Goals: Civics and Citizenship

As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic knowledge and understanding       

  • I will . . . describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level

I will . . . Understand how the three levels of government work/function and what each level does and its key features.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Civic knowledge and understanding


  • I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the process of making and changing laws.

I will . . . Show my understanding of how laws are made and changed, what the rules are for each law and if people get a say in what happens (is it a democracy, oligarchy, etc.).

Unit Learning Goal 3: Community engagement

  • I will . . . present a point of view on a significant current issue or issues and include recommendations about the actions that individuals and governments can take to resolve issues.

I will . . . present my point of view on a problem or issue and tell/negotiate recommendations about the actions and/or how individuals and governments can resolve/solve that problem.

Unit Learning Goal 4: Community engagement

  • I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities.

I will . . . Show my understanding of roles and responsibilities and how people/leaders can have different types of power, and of democratic processes (?), when participating in school and community activities.

Unit Learning Goal 5: Literacy

I will . . . Demonstrate my work through information texts, persuasive texts or any type of presentation while using tier 3 vocabulary that is appropriate to our learning area

Unit Learning Goal 6: Numeracy

I will . . . Find out how the government handles finances, taxes, votes and money maybe showing them on statistics using percent and graphs

Personal Learning Goals:

During this unit, I will . . . Be showing that I am focused on the task by always trying to keep on researching even if the most appealing thing pops up, I will manage my time so that I can finish the task on its due date, and I will collaborate with my team/partner and improve my public speaking.