February 4

Why you are Lucky to Have me in 5/6C

Dear Classmates and Ant,

I think that you are very lucky to have me in your class. This year you can expect high standards from me and hopefully everyone else. I believe that I am good at math and have a broad knowledge with science, so if you need any help you’d know where to go. Even though literature is neither my favourite nor my best topic you can still ask me how to spell things out.

I have a habit of always double checking in my head so that I don’t forget anything and I always try to make sure I don’t. Although this habit can be a bit of a headache because sometimes… even though I know I got everything I still repeat it in my head multiple times over and over.

I am very optimistic about the work that I do, I love to learn things about science and math (they’re my favourite subjects) but not so much literacy although I still like to learn about it… kind of. I love to get stuck into the work that I do and you can call me an organised person, some examples are how I do my homework on time and how my habit kicks in and never makes me forget about the task that is set. That’s why I think you are extremely lucky to have me in your class.