November 6

School Captain Application

Dear Classmates,

My name is Anton Ohrt and my family has been a part of the Moonee Ponds Primary School community for the past 11 years. My sister, my brother and I have been here from prep to year 7 and 6. We have been doing many things in the school curriculum and also things outside which have helped me a lot like chess club. Having played chess since prep I consider myself having a positive influence to younger players by being a good role model. I have also presented the school with team chess players by attending the competitions with a good outcome. I have also been a part of the MVIMP program since year 3.

My stay at the school has been a good one, and throughout the years I have found myself very organised. I have been doing things like MVIMP and I have stuck with it all the way to band, and I am now performing to everyone. I have also had the opportunity to go to band camp where you get to meet heaps of new people. I have helped organising origami club teaching peoples how to make amazing things out of paper! It was a success because we had over 25 entries, and we are going for round 2, and will be teaching entirely new things. I have been asking questions about things I don’t understand to teachers, parents and students which has helped me a lot by actually understanding what I am doing and learning and I consider that an organisational thing.

I can work well with many people of different ages this is clear in the way I have communicated in origami club for 5/6’s and the buddy system for the preps. I am also always double checking with teachers and want to be on top of everything fast. I can give suggestions to teachers for fundraiser ideas to promote the school for better equipment. I can work with parents and adults alike providing ideas at meetings.

I am always ready to take on new things for the school. I am a good listener and would definitely not mind having that extra homework. Some examples of me trying new things have been me running for S.R.C, making a club, joining the MVIMP program and most importantly right now running for school captain. These skills will help me be more organised in high school and help me handle the crazy amount of homework. This could also help me get a good organised resume for my future.

Kind regards,

Anton Ohrt

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