October 27

BTN Blind Tennis


In SA kids are playing tennis blind and are hoping you are going to follow the trend.

In SA kids that are blind made a modified version of tennis so they could play sports just like the ordinary. The balls are bigger and softer and have a rattle inside of them so people could sense where it is through hearing. There is wire under tape on the court so that they can navigate where they are on the court and the ball can bounce twice if you are partially blind and 3 times if you are fully bind.

If you were to play the sport I think that the real challenge would be that you would have to judge how high the ball is or you would miss it. I think this sport is a good idea and people would join in but maybe people that are colour blind may have a bit of a setback due to the case that it isn’t as bad and could easily win.

If this were to continue would this be announced an actual proper sport?