October 24

BTN Sick Kids

been going to school due to long term illness.

60,000 school kids have not been going to school due to long term illness which makes them stressed about falling behind. Some of these illnesses include cancer, asthma, diabetes, ect. Darcy and his mum are setting up a group called missing school where sick kids still do work at home and even could use technology and video calls.

This could help if you have an injury or you can’t walk or do sport but really most of the time you will be having surgery or vomiting and no one would like someone to vomit in a call when they’re trying to learn. If they do get this into the law it could work well if you have a less severe disease but otherwise it wouldn’t really help.

If their plan about video calls doesn’t work what will be their alternative?

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  1. antsclass

    thoughtful reflection Anton- great to see you putting more detail in here. Don’t forget to colour code your reflection though,


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