October 13

BTN Refugee Chrisis


The war in Syria is resulting in thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe for safety.

People and asylum seekers are fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea to escape from the war that’s going on right now. But this is a hard job because not only do they have to cross the Mediterranean sea they have only got small inflatable rafts to sail on and not to mention that there is more people on one raft than there should be. When they get to Europe the first country they get to they have to register for a document to allow them to travel in Europe but Germany and Finland have been overwhelmed by refugees they put down this rule and Germany is expecting to receive 800,000 refugees. But on the other hand Hungary is putting up fences on their border to stop refugees from coming into the country.

If refugees keep on coming probably most European countries especially Germany and Finland will be littered with refugees who may result in overpopulation. Most people probably could not get reunited with their family because they are all probably on different boats and different countries.

If the was to ever stop would the refugees go back to Syria or stay in the countries they arrived in?

October 13

100 Word Challenge Week #44

After I finally got home from my long day at school I flopped down onto my bed for a rest then I noticed a peculiar thing my FAVOURITE teddy bear was gone, and there is a reason it’s my favourite. I quickly rushed downstairs to look for him. I looked everywhere and then I heard a car in the driveway. My parents car was getting rode around like someone that was drunk was in there, but no, it was my teddy bear I quickly tried to leap after it but it had already crashed into multiple cars, bikes, and fire hydrants.

October 13

5/6 Stop Motion Film Reflection

During this project we made a stop motion film which connected to the topic media which used our animals we made in art last term. Our team had completed our stop motion film. When making this film it was the first time I had used the iPad app and it was one of the first times I had made a stop motion film like this.  I think that our team worked well together and overall the end product was good but not the best. Our co-operation was pretty good but again not the best. The program that we used was good in my opinion it was easy to use and didn’t glitch or anything and I would recommend. If there was another assignment I would use the same program because it worked well. Our group might’ve not got what we all wanted but we worked well and evidence is how well I think we went with the end product. Nobody worked as a team captain and I’m pretty sure everyone got their own way somehow. The final piece was good it turned out how we wanted to but it could’ve had a better background and maybe make it more realistic. This  activity was good and it should be done again as I said before and probably use the same app but maybe use different types of characters like made in the art class.

October 13

100 Word challenge Week #43

I was at the royal Melbourne show walking with my parents looking for the show bags we found the show bag section and without hesitation went to the show bag I wanted. I was waiting in line and I realised that my parents weren’t behind me and I couldn’t find them. I was looking over the whole show ground for them. I was about to give up but then, in the middle of the noise I heard my mums voice calling for me. Then I ran towards the noise and found her by the food stalls.