October 12

My Holiday Recount

When I arrived at the show ground in was not that keen on the long day that waited. I was to stay there from 10:00am till the fireworks. We went to the livestock area first. The wool that the sheep produce looked nice but I have no idea how the judges can judge it, like they are all the same. It would be like choosing between two of your best friends.

After that we scanned around the area and had to look at everything in the whole show but as every year we didn’t go on any rides nor did we get any show bags. Then we did what we came here for, well at least for what my sister came here for, the show jumping. The show jumping is always fun but after a while it gets very repetitive. When the horses jumped it literally looked like they were flying.

When the motocross was on everyone suddenly stormed the arena. Last year there was a lot of wind so they couldn’t do many tricks, but unlike last year there was no wind. Most of the tricks were awesome like the backflip trick variations but some of them they got us very excited but in the end it wasn’t the best. The reason one of the riders didn’t come last year was because of a gruesome story I would rather not tell you about.

We went to the timed dog obstacle course. One of them had a very disobedient dog and was barking at her and did everything wrong. But a little boy and his little dog bet most of the adults.

We went back to the arena, we saw more show jumping and surprisingly there was a horse named Anton. Finally there were the fireworks. They were beautiful and were very loud because the next day I heard the boom from the fireworks from my room. It was magnificent but unfortunately I have seen a bit better than this. When I finally got home I knew it was time to go to my bed and sleep.