August 23

BTN Starting your own business

This BTN is how a 14 year old girl made her own successful business.

When Samara was 11 she started a business with her friend the goal was to raise money for the children’s hospital foundations Australia. So she started to make fairy houses. Overall she got $400 for the charity. She decided to continue with her business by making workshops for them and hosting kids’ parties. Her tips are to have a unique idea to market (advertise in a way) and profit and loss which is when you minus the materials from the items that are sold and see if you profited. When she was 14 she got over $2000.

Over a couple of days she got $400 but over 3 years she only got $2000 but she got the $400 when she was doing charity so it seems like people are willing to buy your product if you are fundraising for charity. Only Samara was explaining about the business and not her friend did she drop out it seems so. The only question I have is that if someone were to copy her would it still count or not because she doesn’t seem popular.

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  1. Oddman

    Hey Anton,
    I really liked your text. Great job on colour coding it really helps to see the types of info. It’s also really good how you made it connected and in a flowing piece.

    From Oli


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