August 6


Right now the government is planning on raising the GST; I will be talking about that to you now. The GST is goods and services tax, so when you by an item or hire a plumber the government get 10% of the money but sometimes there are exceptions. Like there are some foods that don’t have GST because they are basic foods you need like bread or milk. The government agreed to this because otherwise the foods will cost more and some may not be able to afford them. But recently Tony Abbott has been trying to raise it in its percentage or cross of foods from the list. This really helps the government because the GST earns 50 BILLION dollars from its yearly! This also shows that without GST the government would probably go bankrupt. Before GST was a law people were debating for it not to happen, but the government won but now Tony Abbott is raising it and I’m guessing not many people will be happy. Tony Abbott wants to raise it but why does he want to raise it is the government having issues?

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