August 4

100 Word Challenge Week #39

I was with my little brother reading out a book for him but there was a page that wasn’t there before, but I read it out anyway. But it wasn’t normal it had a 5 slapped on the left hand side page and on the right it said “I wish I had known you when __________.” It was a bit weird but then some writing started to appear and said “Before the accident happened.” In my opinion this freaked me out and I was kind of going crazy but my brother was all neutral. In the bottom right hand corner it said “5.5.’05.”

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3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #39

  1. yasmin2012

    Hi Anton,
    I liked how you made the character feel something, like fear and confusion bur compared it to his little sibling who was fine with it. I am still a little bit confused about what the date meant but when I figure it out I bet i will understand why!


  2. antsclass

    This was a creepy little tale…I wonder if 5.5.05 is anything like the devils number 6.6.6?- oooooooh!
    I particularly liked the powerful verb “slapped”. It made that sudden ‘5’ have much more impact.
    Speaking of impact- I would have left out “in my opinion” – I think putting that in reduces the impact of you being ‘freaked out’.
    Well done


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