June 7

BTN Chocolate


We look into how chocolate was made back when it was made and what people used it for also how we make it today and also who made it.

Ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations in Central America discovered how to make cocoa which was a bitter drink made by grinding roasted cocoa beans and adding water and this had made xocolatl (cocoa beans came from the cocoa tree).  Aztecs didn’t us this much due to they were using cocoa as a form of currency. The Dutch made chocolate that can be eaten by mixing sugar butter from the top of the drink and the beans to make chocolate that can be eaten.

I discovered why they didn’t eat it much because if it is money why eat it and its basically like eating a mountain of $2 coins. Also I have noticed that over the year’s chocolate has become way more popular.

Also if we used chocolate beans as a form of currency today instead of huge holes in the ground (mines) would we have mass cocoa bean farms?

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