May 3

100 Word Challenge Week #30

…  Drum   …     Cornflake   …   Exciting …   Lion …    Danced …

I danced to the beat of a drum at the school disco it was really exciting because my teacher was dressed in a lion onesie. They were serving cornflakes to everyone. Sadly a cornflake fell on my NEW outfit. The outfit was a purple top hat with black jeans purple T-Shirt and a vest with sparkly sequins. After the disco I had a migraine headache and took some Panadol and had to go to sleep straight away. The next morning I woke up to the relief of restful Saturday.

May 3

BTN Rock Climbing

Today was Rock Climbing, a hard physical and mental health sport where there are a lot of differences.

Rock Climbing is a sport which trains your physical and mental health. Where you can never tell by the looks of people so it’s a good way of helping people out which Robert does sometimes instead of climbing himself. Anyone can do the sport so that’s what makes it a nice sport for everyone. But the sport is dangerous without any safety gear or supervision by a professional. Rock climbing helps with strength and other stuff so does it help you with other sports at the same time?