May 22

100 Word Challenge Week #33

One day I had been working on a project due to me getting in big trouble. My teacher had set an assignment for me to do 1,000 100 word challenges and BTN’s. I had finished the project and was on my way to school and was going inside the school but the ferocious wind had blown m papers away and I soon had realised that I was in big trouble. So with my fast actions I had bolted to retrieve the papers I couldn’t miss one because a sheet contained 10 challenges. Then I ran into the school bullies.

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1 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #33

  1. antsclass

    OH NOOO!!! Not the school bullies! what agreat ending to a clever little story- lucky we can do our 100wc online so it can’t blow away in the wind!
    I think you could do without the “one day” at the beginning and just dive into the action with,”I had been working on a project due to me getting in big trouble…”
    Much better use of the word ‘had’ this week Anton (but I would take out the had in “I had bolted”).
    Only 999 to go!
    Nice work Anton


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