May 18

Art Monoprinting Evaluation

The Arts Department

Art Critic Evaluation Year 5/6

Art Topic: Monoprinting

Name: Anton Ohrt

Classroom Teacher: Antony Brock

Artwork Title: Diseased Heart

Description: What do you see? Describe the work of art. What is the medium?

I describe my work of art natural and it also looks like the real thing and I see a heart that is very clear but the background pattern isn’t. The medium was some paint for the picture, and a monoprinting pad to print the picture.

Analysis: Describe the work according to the art elements and principles. Eg. Explain the type of line you see, describe the colour, shape, texture and space.

My work is asymmetrical because it’s supposed to be natural and flowing so it isn’t symmetrical at all. The sizes that are within my piece is some shapes in the background and also an oval with tubes coming out the sides to make that heart.

Interpretation: Tell the story of what you were trying to achieve with your work of art. Why did you choose to create this work of art? Why did you choose this image to print?

What I was trying to achieve was a heart that looked natural and flowing with a nice background. I chose this image because it would have been a good piece of art to make natural and also because it is a vital organ that you cannot live without.

Judgment: Give your opinion of your final piece. Be sure to include a reason for your judgment.

My opinion on the final piece is that it went not too bad but not too good and it was decent. My reason for my judgement is that I nailed the natural heart but failed at the background because you could hardly see the background.

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1 thoughts on “Art Monoprinting Evaluation

  1. Beth McInnes

    A fantastic job on this reflection. I love the name you chose for your print and the description you gave. Well done!


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