May 15

BTN Oz Harvest

Oz Harvest is an industry that collects all food that is about to be thrown out just because it got a scab or bruise. Oz Harvest donates all that food that is about to be thrown out to people in need such as homeless people or a home full of starving people.

7.8 billion dollars’ worth of food is thrown out every year in Australia alone that’s like buying 8 billion dollars’ worth of your favourite food and just throwing it out. In nearly every household in Australia is just throwing out $1000 worth of food a year.  In Australia 24% of school kids are throwing out their school lunches I know I don’t throw out my lunch but do you? (This is your queue to stop throwing out your lunch ;)).

I have recognised that people running Oz Harvest is really trying their hardest to help people in need such as the homeless I have also recognised that one of the reasons they help out is due to their good feeling about helping people out.

I have wondered ever since I started the video in other countries how much food is wasted and more importantly how much food is wasted in the world.

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