March 24

Goals For Semester 1

I need to get better at vertical division, decimals and fractions I also need to revisit long multiplication with 2 numbers Example: 36×57. I also need to learn about The Eureka Stockade. Taking my time would show I’m trying to meet my goal. If I were efficient, taking my time, being organised and caring for my work that would help me complete my goals. To meet my goals I need neat work and to understand what I am doing. I would like to get better at square roots, sound and fungi.

March 24

Aboriginal First Contact



Apart from occasional Indonesian trader the aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders where not disturbed for years. But this all suddenly changed in 1770 when British lieutenant James Cook landed at Botany Bay in New South Wales. James Cook put up the British flag to represent possession of the land


Trading was possible with the Indonesians due to the close proximity between the two countries. So every year aboriginals traded with Indonesians for new foods.

The First Fleet:

January the 26th 1788 the First Fleet of 11 ships landed in Australia. It was captained by Captain Arthur Phillip. There were approximately 1500 people aboard half where Convicts sent out to Australia to ease the prison system in Britain. (Also the Second Fleet with 5 of 8 arrived in 1790). After the British landed the aboriginals were angry and a conflict began.


Malnutrition occurs when you have a lack of healthy food or nutrition. The cause was due to the British destroying plants and trees. Both aboriginals and British suffered from Malnutrition.


The landing of the Europeans caused a lot of problems for the aboriginals including disease. Here is a list of some diseases: Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Measles, Whooping Cough and the Common Cold.  Some aboriginals could not survive the Common Cold or the Flu due to no body adaptions to the diseases.

Aboriginal Resistance:

The aboriginals generally resisted the British. A leader of the resistance was Pemulwuy during 1790-1802 he was feared by many British. As settlement grew the aboriginals lost more land and tradition was destroyed. Some aboriginals started working as servants for the British. The British thought the aboriginals weren’t able to look after themselves or the land. Even though a conflict was going on not all contact was violent. Some aboriginals helped the British in the early hard years of the colony.