March 15

BTN Colour Confusion

David tells us about his colour blindness and how colour blindness works.

I recall about the cones and rods. About how the cones detect colour and the rods detect light and movement. About cones there is an animal with 12 cones while humans have 3 (red, green and blue) and dogs 2(green and blue). This animal is the Mantis Shrimp it has a red, green, blue, ultra violet and much more cones. But I’m not finished with the Mantis Shrimp because my question is can animals have colour blindness. The cause of colour blindness is that one of the 3 cones doesn’t work to well while this can also cause people not being able to do certain jobs. Colour blindness is a genetic condition like from parents and it also includes a genetic condition with gender to. Because 1 in 12 boys have colour blindness while 1 in 200 girls have colour blindness.