March 4

BTN Drowning report

The world health organisation is trying to stop drowning of kids and raise awareness of drowning.

The world health organisation says that drowning is the most common cause of death to kids even though it’s the most simplest to solve. Also over 372,000 lives are lost drowning each YEAR (most in Asia & Africa) that means 42 deaths of every HOUR of every day and half are under the age of 25. My question about this is what will be the world’s population if nobody died to drowning.

The world health organisation wants this to stop and for something to be done about it. I really understand it because I think the world’s population will go down.

But what I really understand is that the world health organisation wants it to be compulsory for kids to go to school swimming lessons for swimming education. Like how to stay on the surface and how to save people who are drowning and other scenarios. Also to teach kids how to swim.

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