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black thighed falconet information report

Black-thighed falconet (Microhierax fringillarius)                        

An information report


The Black-Thighed Falconet is a bird from the Falconet family. The Falconets are the smallest birds of prey and the Black-Thighed Falconet is yet one of the smallest Falconets.

The population and habitat of the Black thighed falconet

The Black-Thighed Falconet has many habitats like a forest, forest edge, woodlands, man-made objects (villages etc) , rivers and streams and also fields.

The Black-thighed falconet is common in Sumatra, Borneo, Bali and Thailand but these small creatures are found in many other places.

What the Black-thighed falconet eats

The Black-thighed falconet feeds on insects Termites, Butterflies, Beetles, Sometimes on birds and dragonflies etc.


About the Black-thighed falconet

The Black-Thighed Falconet has a wingspan from 30cm to 34cm.

The size of the Falconet is from 14cm to 16cm that is about half a ruler.
It takes 0 days to incubate an egg of the Black-Thighed Falconet.

A Black-Thighed Falconet lays a minimum of 2 eggs and a maximum of 5 eggs.











This is a map of where the Black-Thighed Falconet is found.


The breeding nests of the Black-Thighed Falconet is mostly in old nest hole from 6 to 20 metres up mostly made by Woodpeckers they are also found in limestone walls or rocky cliffs.




This is where we got all our information and put it into our own word

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By: Trent. Lovatt and Anton. Ohrt

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