August 6

The odd one out

The odd one out  















Once there was a kid called Joel. He was always left out of everything. He was left out in sport in games and he had no idea why? He was not invited to do anything with anyone.




So  he tried to join another game but the same thing happened. He looked at the sky and saw something in the sky.




It was falling towards him. OUCH!!! The thing hit Joel and it knocked him out. After he woke up he felt weird he pushed himself up he thought a ball hit him his, friends felt sorry for him, so they let him join in their game. So he played with them. He ran everyone he was the best. He dribbled the ball. He was so skilful he scored so many goals. He scored a goal from halfway. This had never happened before, he realised he had special powers.

He won by so many goals he became a hero. Everybody liked him and he liked it too! He joined in with everything and was always asked to join in with their games.

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