September 17

Upside down story.

All the stars exploded then the sun. The moon. Jupiter and Mars exploded and they came down like 20 gigantic meteors falling onto earth. Then a brown wave on the surface of pluto went to me. It was chocolate and a water pond appeared to. Where safe i said. My parents wished me good luck. 3 2 1 BLAST OF we floated in space. We saw monsters on mars saying hi then they got a ray gun and shot the engine. Theres a malfunction  the rocket beeped we crashed landed on pluto and got knocked out. I opened my letter box it ant it had a space suit 500 oxygen tanks with food and water. I got the letter out and it said from  nasa. It said your invited to fly in space and see if theres life on mars at nasa. On the 1/1/3000 11.00 am sharp. That was in five minutes. I got in the car and drove at 999999999999999km/h to nasa.

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